• How do I know if a fellowship is right for me?

It's up to you if an Administrative Fellowship is the right option for you, but we know that healthcare executives around the country believe it is the best way to jump start a career in healthcare leadership. From the collective experience of our team, we have each moved into leadership positions immediately following completion of our fellowships - this would likely not have happened without the fellowship experience. Check out the following papers if you still aren't sure what you should do:

MGMA Paper - Administrative Fellowships and Residencies

ACHE - The Value of Postgraduate Administrative Fellowships


  • Why are you doing this?

We're a group of healthcare leaders that all completed top-caliber administrative fellowships after graduate school. When we applied to fellowships, we had no idea what to expect. Several of us had had interviews go poorly, or were rejected by organizations that we really respected. Fortunately, we each had at least one application that clicked, and our experience served us well. Our fellowship interviews were some of the most intense interviews we have had in our careers. 

We believe that administrative fellowships are the best first step for new graduates looking to get into the world of healthcare administration. The total lack of information and coordination among fellowship programs continues to frustrate us. So, this website and book are our first steps into creating resources for promising future executives looking to prepare themselves for the toughest interview process around.


  • Is it worth it?

Our team has years of combined experience hiring administrative fellowships. We put a lot of time into this project, and to put it bluntly, getting an administrative fellowship is worth 100x what you'll pay for the book.  Given what a fellowship is worth to your career, the book is a steal. You'll recoup the cost of the book in your first week as a fellow. It's another reason we promise a money-back guarantee. You're trusting that our advice is valuable. If you find that it isn't, we'll give you your money back. Promise.


  • How can you guarantee I'll get an interview?

Collectively, we review almost a thousand applications each year. Besides successfully earning top-caliber fellowships ourselves, we have  recognized recurring patterns and themes in successful personal statements and interview answers of candidates. By focusing on the areas we identified and using the approach we recommend, we're confident that interview panels across the country will be including you on their interview lists. By spreading the risk across multiple high-potential programs, we can guarantee your success.


  • Will you seriously give me my money back if I don't get an interview?

Yes. We're so confident in the approach outlined in the book that we will refund 100% of your money if you don't get an interview from one of the fellowships you apply to. It's that simple.